here is how the program makes music from 1d cellular automaton when
the next button in the random table window is pressed.

the program starts with a random rule and a random row of cells.
It makes a 1d cellular automaton pattern by
calculating the next rows.

each cell in each row,
looks at five of it's neighbors from the prevous row.
it counts the neighbors that are colored.
each colored neighbor is counted as a power of 2.
the power of 2 it is counted as, depends the
relevant position of neighbor to the cell.
It uses the neighbor count to lookup it's next state in the rule table.

the program scans each calculated row from left to right looking for a colored cell.
each time it finds a colored cell, it plays a note.
the note it plays depends on the color of the cell.
when it's on the black cells, it increases the length of the
last note played.