Start Frank's cellular automaton music program.

Go file->new.

Here you can choose the board size, the seed and for the line of random cells, you can choose it's offset and length. Click the ok button or the apply button. Go to edit->clear table and enter 6 to get a empty rule table with 64 entries.

Go to edit->randomize table to make some random entries in the rule table window a certain color.

Press the x key to save current generation.

Press the space bar many times to calculate the next rows.

Press z key to go back to last generation.

Press a key to go back to current generation.

Press the c,d,f,v,b,h,n,j,m,k keys to play notes and to select colors from the color box.
Note: You can also use the comma and dot keys to play notes.

Note: You can also press the g key to play no note and to select black

Select a color or note from the color box and click on a colored square. Some other squares change color too.

You can add color to the pattern this way.

Go to edit->randomize notes to make the entries in the rule table window different random colors.

Press z key to go back to last generation.

Go to edit->clear table and enter 5 to get a empty rule table with 32 entries

Go to view->show random table dialog.

Click on the next button to get a new pattern and a song from that pattern.

uncheck the checkboxes that says "increment board song seed" and "increment rule table seed".
Leave the checkbox that says "increment colored note seed" checked.

click on the next button

You should see that the pattern remains the same but it's colors changed.
Also the song from that pattern, its rhythm stays the same but it's notes changed.

here is how to change the instruments. go to edit->edit instruments. click on the button that says "select melody instrument 1". Select any instrument from the list. To change the volume the instrument is play at, just enter a new value between 0 and 127 in the field that says "volume". you can also click on the buttons that say "select melody instrument 2" or "select chord instrument".

If you find a song you like. You can click on the output button to save it.

Songs are saved in the CAMusic directory.

You can save it if you want, by going to file->save and that's all for now.