here are the commands you can use in perl scripts

load_wave loads a sample table from a file
filename: the file to load the tone from
table_name: the new table to load the tone to
sample_rate: the sample rate of the tone
looppoint: the index in the table where it loops back to
note: you can turn off the loop by using a index that is out of range

print outputs text to the console
text: the text to output to the console

note plays a note
channel: the channel that plays the note
instrument: the instrument used for the note
freq: the freq of the note
volume: the volume of the note
pan: the position of the note
it can be values left, center or right
you can also define your own values with pan_position

sleep plays the music
time: the amount of time in seconds to play for

pan_position defines new pan position values
name:it's name
left_vol:it's volume at the left
right_vol:it's volume at the right

note_off turns off a channel's note
channel: the channel that turns off it's note

sample_map maps a sample table to a instrument
instrument:the instrument it maps to
table: the sample table it maps from
freq:the minimal frequency its played it

envelope changes the instrument's envelope
instrument:the instrument
attack: the attack time
decay: the decay time
sustain: the sustain level
release: the release time

fft_size defines how big is the overlap between FFT windows
size:the size of the FFT window

fft_space defines how big is the overlap between FFT windows
space: the amount of overlap between FFT windows