welcome to Frank's java random musical scale program. this simple tutorial will show you how to use this program.

download the program and unzip it then run music.jar

here is what to program looks like.

press the start button to start the random music.
press the stop button when listening to it

press the add button to add a new scale

press the flip button to flip the current scale

here is what it looks like now

each row is a scale, each white square is a note of that scale.
to add a note, click on a black square
to remove a note, click on a white square

you can try moving a note so it looks like this picture.

you can also click on the random note button to add or remove random notes

you can slow down the music. to do so, click on the options button and enter 10.0 when it says tempo. then click the start button.

here are the tunnings program has
mt12 12 meantone
mt19 19 meantone
et31 31 equal temperament
bp13 Bohlen-Pierce scale
to try a different tunning,
go to menu->new. select et31
it should look like this now
thank you for finishing that tutorial and that's all for now.